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Evaporative Condensers

Distinctive Features



Selection Method

Lightweight and compact size

High strength (STPG 410), Seamless steel pipe (Φ25 × 1.5T)

Minimized energy (electricity) costs during operation

High efficiency and minimized splash achieved by the use of elliptical pipe,
resulting in miniaturization of motor and pump

3 Utility Models

Researched and developed for efficient operation and management

Guaranteed long life

1. Zinc plating of steel tube: Over 100μ processing capacity
2. Short-term corrosion area of drain tank and main parts: Use SUS product
3. Fan wing and inlet Louver: Use reinforced PVC product
4. Galvarium is used on the outer casing uses (AL alloy steel) as it is rigid and highly resistant to
corrosion to ensure maximum shelf life.

High-grade parts

Fan motor and in-line pump: KS-certified and IP 54 rated items

Minimized the splash amount of spray particles thanks to the sufficient spray amount by the use of an in-line pump and the new nozzle model.

Expanded condensing capacity thanks to a uniform flow rate from the front of the condenser by fully utilizing the advantages of the induced draft type.

Wide inspection gate in the front and back makes it easy to inspect. Easily detachable guide box makes it convenient to move it around. Simple to replace/examine the eliminator.

Easy to clean the water tray and remove other foreign matters, and to attach/detach a honeycomb to prevent the air flow and water splash.

Extensive range of production records.

Comparison of elliptical coil and circular coil

Maximized condensation efficiency

As for the elliptical coil, the condensed refrigerant and oil flowing inside the tube are gathered at the lower end of the tube due to their own weight, creating waves and strengthening the flow rate. This increases the circulation amount of the refrigerant to boost the cooling ability and increase the condensing effect because of the expanded area of effective heat transfer inside the tube.

As for the elliptical coil, the air flowing outside of the pipe experiences no vortex on the backside of the pipe, thus the heat exchange ability becomes improved.

As for the elliptical coil, cooling efficiency is improved because the flow of the refrigerant outside of the tube flows is faster than with the circular coil to form a thin water film.

Compact size and improved cooling efficiency

Adoption of an elliptical coil means the coil intervals become widened by about 20% compared with the coil diameter, which secures the enough space for the water and air to flow more smoothly than the circular coil, therefore, the cooling efficiency is significantly improved.